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Enriched Data

We enrich financial transactions.
We work with any size of fintech.
We have flexible terms.

How it works

1. Raw transaction data

Our secure CMS Provides your business with the power to moderate and administer merchant data on your network.

2. Clean & enrich

The data is cleaned, and enriched by providing merchant logos and geolocation data for each transaction

3. Customer insight

Customers have a better understanding of their banking transactions helping them make more informed decisions

Developer Friendly

Fully Documented service
Postmaster / Open API Documentation
Simple. Lightweight. Easy to Install.

We can bring your transactions to life

Clean bank transactions


Challenger Banks

Data enrichment for financial software

Financial Software Platforms

Give customers enriched data in your accountancy platform

Accountancy Platforms

Customer experience is increased with enriched transactional data

Credit Card Companies

Enriched data in wealth management

Wealth Management Platforms

Let's chat

Drop us a line and we will call you back the same day (UK office hours).

Stamp Office, 10 Waterloo Place, Level 1, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG, United Kingdom.

+44 (0) 131 339 3838

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